Wachtendorf & Schmidt METALLWARENFABRIK

The Production

We also have a lot to offer in the field of production: Due to our versatile production techniques we can offer extreme flexibility in handling your individual order. According to your wishes we produce large or small series of items in different degrees of hardness and different surfaces.

We offer the highest standards in quality assurance. We control all stages of production up to the final stage and thus fulfill the "zero-defect-philosophy" by consistent use of statistic process monitoring.

Quality and flexibility in production - take advantage of what we can offer!

Technical Data

automatic punching machine   width feed
VSS 160 to 280 mm 200 mm
EX-Presse 63 to 150 mm 160 mm
Schuler 50 to 150 mm 150mm
Raster 80 to 130 mm 130 mm
Pelz-Ri. 40 to 130 mm 120 mm
Schuler 40 to 100 mm 80 mm
Haulik 40 to 50 mm 100 mm
band strength: 0,2 – 5,0 mm

automatic punching machine 125 to, 160 to and 250 to for inlaying
cold formed parts: wire gage 3 – 12 mm, max. 100 mm long
thread rolling: max. M12 × 100 mm

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